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Featured Books


Rhythm in Verse


Bejeweled Poetry: Revelations Sensations Creations
by M. Jewel H.
Trafford Publishing

"Sensations romanticizing every tenuous extended fingertip to the endearing touch enough to grasp the entire beings embodiment."

In Bejeweled, the speaker has a knack for tackling one of the most difficult aspects of writing poetry: transferring the wave of emotion and feeling from the mind and the heart into words that will stir the individual. Filled with strong, sensuous details, each poem in the compilation takes on a life of its own. Jewel H's collection uses short, crisp stanzas that flow well. The reader is rarely trying to figure out what the speaker means; instead, he or she is able to enjoy the potent word choice and vivid imagery that infuse the poem with energy. ... (read more)

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A Life Worth Remembering


Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome
by Romy Wyllie

"...Andrew touched the lives of many, helping them in his special way become better people."

In today's world of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs), and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), it can be unfathomable to imagine a time in which babies born with disabilities were routinely separated from their parents. Yet, a mere five decades ago, it was commonplace. Often, mothers were not even told that their babies had survived the delivery. Instead of reconnecting mother and child, the doctors would whisk the child away to an institution, where he would live a grim existence and would often be sterilized against his will. Andrew Wyllie, the subject of this book, would have suffered the same fate had it not been for the love, determination, and perseverance of his parents. ... (read more)

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The Paths of Our Lives


Thieves Never Steal in the Rain: Linked Stories
by Marisa Labozzetta
Laura Gross Literary Agency

"The secret was out, the greatest mystery of his life solved. Marco had crossed over to join those who know what everyone longs and yet fears to discover: the end to his story."

Births mark beginnings, while funerals toll in endings. Yet there resides so much in-between drama in the timeline of an extended family: moments of intense joy, times of heart-wrenching grief, and the day-to-day plodding of ups and downs that color all of human existence. In a series of linked short stories that superbly capture the emotions her characters experience in these chapters of life, the author deftly chronicles the personal episodes that transform the lives of five Italian-American cousins during the final years before the death of one of the family patriarchs. ... (read more)

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Journey Stories


Where I Come From...
by The Students of The May Center for Learning
Azro Press

"I am the one who cares. I can do anything. I will make a difference. I am passion. I am creativity. I am colorful me."

For students at The May Center for Learning in Santa Fe, NM, life can be a challenge. While these individuals may struggle with traditional academic skills, within this creative compilation of art and words, readers can witness a positive affirmation of young people aspiring to the same hopes and dreams of a life fulfilled, as those who might process information in less problematic ways. This unique collective offers the emotional thought and creative talent of students in a 6 to 17 age spectrum, as they respond to the headings of "I come from...", "I am...", and "I will be...". Perhaps otherwise they might be translated as my past, my present, and my future. ... (read more)

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Troublesome Associations


Homicide Chart
by V.S. Kemanis
Amazon Digital Services

"The reality and what it meant was slowly dawning: the betrayal, deception, and omission. Clandestine meetings. Evasion under questioning. In hindsight, Dana and Evan picked out the clues they'd missed, reevaluated the moments they'd been led astray, and tiptoed over possible theories as to how they'd been duped."

In the second Dana Hargrove legal thriller from V.S. Kemanis, Dana Hargrove is back in the courtroom as a high profile, New York prosecutor. She's in the midst of a series of murder cases involving gang members, while her husband, Evan, now works at his private law firm and Anneke, the live-in au pair, cares for their son, Travis, at home. Dana and Evan are both hard working parents, trying to maintain a home life that offers escape and peace from their lucrative, busy careers and the difficult cases they often face. Dana is also a member of the unique "homicide chart," a list of people that are on-call to respond to crime scenes and murders at any given time. One night Dana receives a late night call... (read more)

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One Breath at a Time


I Breathe My Own Breath!
by Kathleen Aharoni
Water over Stone

"...your special unique, one-of-a-kind, nobody-does-it-like-me, totally-my-own, untangled breath."

Using a strategy of great teachers, Kathleen Aharoni has created a Parable to describe a spiritual event easily understood by children. And what is simpler than a breath? Or what is less complicated, yet life giving and full of creative energy?... Recognized with an Eric Hoffer Finalist award, this playful book contains an important message. Its thirty-two pages are seamlessly arranged in two sections. The first section is the search for a lost breath. Beginning the next section with remembrance and re-acquaintance, the author finishes with inhaled/exhaled self-discovery.... (read more)

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The Power of Prayer


Tabernacle: Living in Power Through Abiding Prayer
by Timothy C. Dunlap

"Loving Him is also taking the journey into the promised land of these temple experiences."

The author has written a well-researched apologetic that makes the case for Christian holiness through abiding prayer. Dunlap claims this to be a timely, prophetic declaration of how to worship God. The blood sacrifices required of the Hebrews in the Tabernacle of the Old Testament are a "type" that foreshadowed the atoning value of Jesus Christ's blood. Dunlap identifies pieces of Tabernacle furniture as a New Testament "antitype" that prophetically explains how God wishes to work today with believers in their prayer closets. "Private prayer, abiding oneness, is hard work, sometimes bewildering, and seldom taught with the aid of the Bible." Abiding oneness became available to a believer when the veil of the Temple was rent at Christ's death. This book is dedicated to Private Prayer teachers. ... (read more)

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The Path We Take


The Random Thoughts of a Philosophy Major Drop-Out
by Jamai Wray
MWray Publishing

"Always do the right thing, no matter how easy doing wrong may seem. Nothing worth having is easy to get."

Jamai Wray writes from the heart and soul as he takes the reader on a journey full of random thoughts on the nature of being, stories of life's struggles and shortcomings, insightful poems, and short quotes. The author covers a span of thirteen years of material, and each short piece can serve as a way to ponder life and its many challenges and triumphs. Through exceptionally good writing, Wray talks mostly about his life, his love of writing, and his struggles to make something out of himself in the world, despite the many curves that the universe threw in his path. Each story has the author's age and date below the title, to illustrate when he was going through this particular trial. Wray calls himself a man "who is looking for his way through words," and readers will have no problem relating to his many experiences, which made him a better writer and a better man in general. ... (read more)

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Real Life


by Thomas Biel
Three Towers Press

"I wanted my own bed and my own ceiling, something confined, not the vastness of the stars, the puzzle of endlessness. I wanted to go home but I couldn't move."

Some writers have mastered the art of spinning fantastic tales, trotting out lies of mystery, romance, and high adventure that while barely believable still manage to entertain us. Others choose to cut closer to the bone of truth, making us turn to the author's blurb at the back of the book to see whether or not what we are reading is fiction or fact. Biel falls into this latter camp with his debut collection of linked stories, episodes from the life of his youthful protagonist, Matthew Davis, that seem too painfully real to be imaginary. ... (read more)

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The Elohim Trilogy


Elohim III: The Return
by Kerry L. Barger

"In humans, the immediate effect of consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil (Dragon Fire fruit or its extracts) is an increase in aggression."

In the stunning conclusion to the Elohim series, the reader finds out more about the Anunna aliens and their dealings with humanity. The author describes the Anunna as a highly-advanced civilization living on the distant planet Eris, but humans have largely ignored their existence. According to the author, the Eridians have created humans by fusing their own genes with lower hominid forms. In this final installment of the trilogy, Elohim, the ruler of the Anunna, Immanuel (resurrected Jesus), and their armies are planning an invasion to Earth... (read more)

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