A Joyful Life
by Michèle Swiderski
KiCam Projects

"Each morning, I would ask my spirit what it needed that day. Did it want to create something in my sewing workroom? Cocoon on the couch with a novel and a cup of tea?"

Michèle Swiderski, mid-40s, lives with her husband, Robert, and their teen children in Ontario. Overwhelmed by depression, Michèle quits her job and hibernates at home. It isn't until her daughter encourages her to change her life, that Michèle finally listens. Michèle starts by finding small projects to succeed in (i.e. crafting and sewing) and begins to journal about them. With these small successes, Michèle begins teaching her brain to form a new image of herself—a successful one. She puts her trust in Spirit and makes a promise to herself to follow its lead. Journaling, exercise, and being around large bodies of water, all help Michèle eradicate her negative mental programming. But perhaps most important of all, Michèle learns that her soul needs creativity in the same way that her body needs food and water. Giving herself permission to create simply for the act of creating, eventually proves to be the most powerful antidote for her depression.

An inspiring read about the paralyzing effects of depression and the creative life needed to combat it. Swiderski generously invites her readers into some of her darkest days. Therapy, diet, exercise, and meditation all play a key role in her recovery, but it is the time she makes for creative projects that finally leads Swiderski to find her joy again. Swiderski discovers that the ultimate way for her to nourish her spirit and show gratitude for her life is to create things of beauty. She should feel confident in adding A Joyful Life to her list of beautiful creations.

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