" If you hanker after an album with not too many empty spaces, you are a collector."

Whether you've dabbled in coin collecting or are not sure where to start, this book is a perfect entry point. As the title suggests, the guide focuses on Australian coins and as such will not provide too much insight for those outside this niche. But for beginning and aspiring Australian coin collectors, Miller's guide provides everything you need to know to begin a collection of your own. Printed on beautifully glossy, large paper, a large portion of the book is made up of coin charts, images, and details. However, in addition to the visual resources, the book contains a wealth of information presented in bite-sized chunks.

This collector's guide is geared specifically towards the hobbyist (as opposed to the investor), filling a gap of information and evening out the learning curve for anyone previously daunted by the buying-and-selling community. The tone is friendly but informative, containing just enough information to educate without overwhelming and covering important aspects of the coin-collecting world like the history of Australian coins, relevant terminology, how to determine value, and even the chemistry and metals behind these curiously collectible artifacts. The charts in the latter part of the book contain a full list of coins, while an additional appendix presents a sample collection in full color. It even has a touch of humor (suggesting at one point that the reader "collect stamps. Just kidding."). From the writing, it is clear that Miller is passionate and highly knowledgeable about the topic, which makes the idea of collecting Australian coins even more attractive. In short, he makes it seem fun! Miller’s book is not a full guide nor is it intended to be; rather, it is an introductory tome which will surely help all those who are curious take that first step towards building their own collection.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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