Blood Lovers
by K. E. Thomas

"Shane was almost thrilled about Andrea needing a hero because you could see that superhero complex coming out in him."

Andrea is an unassuming young woman who keeps to herself as she works her way through medical school. After doing some people watching at a party, she draws the attention of Shane, a handsome and mysterious man who immediately becomes infatuated with her. Shane tries to claim Andrea, but she expects what Shane had assumed would be a bombshell: he is an immortal vampire. Andrea herself is a “half-a”—half-vampire and half-human—meaning she doesn’t require blood to avoid starvation, can walk around in the daytime, and yet can still tap into a vampire’s special abilities and increased strength. Shane kidnaps Andrea, forcing her on a quest to acquire the vampire queen’s blood that can turn her into a vampire, but she instead ends up discovering a taste for adventure and a fearsome adversary that has sought Andrea her entire life.

Readers of vampire fiction will fall right into the well-considered lore and universe that this story resides in. There is a constant sexual tension between Andrea and Shane, which must go unresolved because of a prophecy that requires her purity in order to prevent the end of the world. Still, the characters toe the line in a way that is exciting and keeps the audience hungry for more. There’s more to this story than just romance, though. Typically, the supernatural action and fantasy elements play a more prominent role, with the love story serving as a complementary element to the rest of the plot. Those who read books about vampires already will understand the mystery and allure that draws them in, but for anyone new to the genre, Andrea’s journey and emotional conundrum should be an effective introduction to this exciting subgenre.

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