The Dreamers of Ourdh
by Thelbert Dewain Belgard
Great Way Publications

"If I understood the Dreamers, Mikah, nothing exists outside of our heads-and that includes our heads! 'All these worlds are our dreams.'"

Ourdh is a planet substantially more advanced than "Old Earth" with warbots, aircars, androids, and a human colony divided into clans who are struggling to find order amongst themselves and the tribal people of Ourdh. When enlightened mystical beings known as the Dreamers warn Arenh, Lord of the Indigo Clan, of an impending attack on his people, he sets out to reconnect with his friend, lover, and Lord of the Crimson Clan Mikah to join forces in order to bring their people to safety. As they work together to thwart the attack, the couple's love and affection for one another is rekindled and an intense telepathic mindlink creates a bond that no one can tear apart, or so they think. When a series of surprise twists involving murder, betrayal, and the plan to produce an heir threatens the deep connection between these soul mates, they find that the world they are living in may be nothing more than a dream and the fate of their love and the future of their people comes down to one single, surprising moment.

The Dreamers of Ourdh is an amazing tale of love, lust, and adventure that takes readers on an amazing ride through an esoteric future world. This gay sci-fi romance includes a variety of transcendental themes including telepathy, shamanism, and teleportation that combine to create a fascinating story that readers will enjoy. The love and affection that is shared between Arenh and Mikah is palpable and Belgard has done a magnificent job expressing their passionate connection in a tasteful way, though some readers may want more depth in some of the more intimate scenes. For readers who appreciate a good love story with a futuristic feel, The Dreamers of Ourdh is a must-read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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