"Those who have been on the inside know how difficult it is in there. Take it from us, be an outie, and help in any way you can."

The author intended this book "...to help incarcerated women gain access to vital information that is not available to them inside the jail..." But those who never have or probably never will land in jail should read it anyway—this guide is eye-opening.

Francisco writes with shocking honesty about her troubles with the law. Her frankness and clarity might startle readers more than once. She interviewed other inmates and got brutally honest, forthright answers. And they shared shocking incidences such as when a seemingly power-hungry warden transporting ill inmates to and from the jail to medical facilities said, "If you talk at all on this bus I will turn the heat up as far as it goes..." Such abuse of power is described throughout the book. Readers may find themselves cringing with embarrassment for so-called humanity.

Francisco writes it all in clean copy accompanied by her stunning illustrations. The book itself is professionally put together, and the orange cover and orange, barbed-wire design trim on each page can hardly be overlooked. These add to the dramatic effect that the subject truly deserves. The author’s guide may be shocking to most, but the major intent of the book is to provide resources and information to inmates who find themselves with the prison gates slamming behind them or for those preparing to do their time. The author has compiled information, affidavits, and other blank forms for those in need (e.g. a caregiver’s authorization affidavit). Helping with the red tape and administrative aspects related to imprisonment, this book should be made available to all prisoners.

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