Heal Yourself of Anything: Example Glaucoma
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
BBCS Publishing

"To make a positive change in your health you have to change the negative words in your mind that are causing a...manifestation in...your body."

The author has written this self-help book to document the amazing healing of her young son who was born with glaucoma. This eye condition involves high pressure that can result in sight loss. Feeling pressured by a family member during and after her pregnancy, the author realized that she repeatedly verbalized that word. Refusing any longer to dwell on or speak about pressure, within a relatively short time the author’s son was healed of glaucoma—much to the delight of this mother and surprise to his doctor.

Chapter 3 covers the three steps to take for healing: Empty out by changing your way of thinking; Fill your mind with at least 51% positive thoughts; Reflect on the positive to share with others since minds are linked. Chapter 5 explains certain eyesight conditions, addressing attitudes that cause them and providing words to speak to overcome these conditions. Someone with nearsightedness can learn to see higher, deeper, and farther. Those with hindsight, who keep looking backward, can begin to say, “My future is unfolding in wonderful ways.” Harris urges readers to recognize that thoughts are like the code that runs behind a software program on a computer or mobile phone. Your thoughts are what regulate your body chemistry. They also are responsible for causing your specific life experience.

The author is a spiritual counselor with training in eschatology and the Walter method of Christian Science. The book contains a warning to continue using your medicine until you know for a fact that it is no longer needed. Readers will be inspired by blurbs and lists of positive statements to assist in healing body and mind. However, font choices, uppercase text, as well as narrow margins may make the book difficult to read for those with eyesight issues.

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