Love Spelled Sideways
by Jacqueline Brown

"As soon as the front door was closed and locked, Cole pulled her roughly into his arms, covering her mouth in a demanding kiss."

This book, written specifically for adults only, features two erotic short novels focused on the dynamic of black women with white men. In the first story, Foreplay, successful novelist and publisher Jesmond LaVilliard has a chance encounter with a jogger in the park who accidentally breaks her camera. When the jogger extends a business card in an offer to repair the rare, aging device, Jesmond learns that this mysterious man is none other than Coulson Stanton, a billionaire philanthropist who seems more interested in Jesmond than he does her camera. The second story, Coitus, concerns Kevin Daly, a senior vice president at a communications firm who routinely drives top talent away with his abrasive personality. Dr. Loren Clarke, the company’s organizational communicator, is tasked with changing Kevin’s behavior before he loses his job. Kevin fights Loren’s advice at every turn, but his fiery demeanor soon morphs into a passion for his professional adversary.

Containing plenty of sexual tension that coalesces into full-blown erotic exploration, these two stories may have similar thematic elements, but their approaches are distinct and separate from each other. Jesmond and Cole’s relationship is romantic and sweet, only marred by a jealous ex-lover of Cole’s that tries to work her way back into his life. Loren and Kevin’s relationship is strained and antagonistic, both toward each other at first and then in dealing with the scandal of an office romance. Either way, both stories are packed with steamy scenes that will stay with the reader long after the book ends. Fans of erotic content centered around confident, self-assured characters entering into mutually beneficial relationships will love the private bedroom details and public relationships of these two couples.

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