My Life, Times, and Legacy
by Leonard I. Linkow, DDS, DMSC, and Sheldon Winkler, DDS

"Although there is very little we can do about it, we must try to keep our candles burning without flickering… Once the candles stop burning, it’s all over."

Arguably, not since the invention of the toothbrush or the discovery of x-rays has there been as important an advancement in dentistry as the modern dental implant. The first modern endosseous implant was successfully inserted in 1938. By the 1950s, Dr. Linkow had begun placing thousands of implants to restore the function and beauty of the smiles of countless patients. Dr. Linkow is widely recognized as the father of modern implant dentistry, having developed and refined his techniques over the course of inserting more than 101,700 implants during his career which spanned more than 50 years.

In this latest book, Dr. Linkow continues his vigorous advocacy for the use of subperiosteal implants and blade/plate form implants, which can allow so many edentulous patients to once again live life confidently. Dr. Linkow asserts that the reason why blade/plate form implants are dismissed in favor of root form implants is, unfortunately, the financial incentives for dentists to use the latter type. In his opinion, it’s a travesty that the dental community would favor financial advantage over the best interests of the patients.

The entirety of this book is equal parts clinical and autobiographical. It’s fascinating to hear how the father of implantology has developed ingenious innovations like the ramus hinges and the bi-blade. Dr. Linkow has written this book with passion. He isn’t afraid to use harsh words and obvious reprimands when he feels that the dental community has gone astray. It’s plain to see that, for Dr. Linkow, the best interests of all dental patients will always take priority over profits.

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