My Very Own Words: 15 Original Poems in 15 Types of Poetry
by Derrinique Elliott
Trafford Publishing

"They would call on shooting stars to grant me;
Break sand dollars to find the magic that makes me come true"

What began as a high school poetry project for the poet has evolved into a compelling, versatile, and personable compilation for poetry aficionados. From the first poem, “Words,” the author possesses the undeniable ability to create visceral images in the minds of the reader using alliterative phrases like “hurt or heal,” and “comfort or corrupt.” Though spelling out the figurative devices used is overkill for the seasoned poetry reader, it is a great opportunity for new enthusiasts to understand the structure and rhythm behind what they are reading.

In the sonnet, “To My Distant Dearest,” Elliott employs an on-point rhyme scheme and, more importantly, delves into one of the side effects of the technological age: being physically present but elsewhere in mind and spirit. Poems like “My Heart is a Stone” endear themselves to the audience because of the vulnerability and authenticity of a speaker that everyone can relate to. Whether it is lines like the “babbling of a brook” in “I Am,” or “You, my sword, are a cobra” in “A True Guardian’s Strength,” the one consistent device used throughout the collection of poetry is imagery.

Elliott’s poetry is vibrant and thoughtful, but it would be unsurprising if the audience was just as captivated by each image that accompanies the poem. In particular, the image of a woman in a red dress, infused with words, seemingly lying on a carpet of words is mesmerizing. For those who indulge in poetry, particularly the type that, though structured, is free-flowing and resplendent with energy and emotion, the collection is an enjoyable experience.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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