"A reward is greater than we are because our purpose is greater. We can choose our profession or our education, but our purpose chose us."

This book is an exegesis of nine beatitudes Jesus delivered as part of his Sermon on the Mount. The author calls these a ladder to Heaven provided for the Bride of Christ; each of the beatitudes is a step upward to fulfilling her purpose and destiny. Kutkina first focuses on the disruption of the family that has occurred since man and woman were forced from Eden. Worship of early gods required the sacrifice of firstborn sons by the father, further altering families and society. During Jesus’ lifetime, he demonstrated a right relationship between the Son and Father. In return for faithful obedience, Jesus was promised his bride, the Church.

Part One explains the prophetic timeline for the giving of the Beatitudes, as well as the blueprint presented in this book. Kutkina contends that those who follow the first three steps―blessed are the mourners, the meek, and the thirsty―will have their heart freed to become members of the true church. Parts Two and Three explain the way of restoration available for those whose hearts are freed. These six steps―blessed are the merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers, persecuted, and reviled―prepare a humble people with the wisdom and power needed to serve as Christ’s ambassadors while on earth.

The author’s writing style resembles that of a preacher, and the text was possibly derived from delivered sermons. The narrative includes several memorable and encouraging reminders such as “Your pastor is not your king” and “We are part of something bigger.” As useful as this book may prove to believers, Kutkina is quick to point out in a disclaimer that this not a comprehensive study guide for centers treating addictions. Still, it may prove beneficial to some Christians who might agree with the author that the Beatitudes are a blueprint to the promised Kingdom.

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