Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them
by Dr. Kerby T. Alvy

"Clearly, the job of parenting itself is an enormously difficult one, and it is a job that is embedded in a variety of other relationships and societal demands."

Alvy, a trained clinical child psychologist, provides a new guideline on the common errors made by new and seasoned parents alike. His primary focus here is on ineffective parenting, which he terms “multiyear parenting errors,” of which a multiyear approach affects the lifetime of a child into adulthood. He advocates the use of authoritative parenting, or “multiyear positive parenting style,” to avoid the potential negative impacts. He contrasts the eight error-prone parenting styles with the positive solutions, as well as the AAR approach: Admit, Apologize, Restitution. Alvy even addresses the different parenting styles found in various cultures and tailors solutions to fit within the parameters of those specific cultures.

This is a simple, straightforward, and useful resource for anyone who is a parent today. Alvy highlights the strengths and weaknesses of parents while helping them to become more protective parents, both physically and psychologically. The multiyear positive parenting is a way to ensure this as each child grows to model the behaviors of parents and thenceforth become healthy members of the community. The book includes exercises and assignments one can do within the book if so desired along with additional resources and programs parents may complete with their families. He even makes himself directly available for support through email contact, a nice touch that demonstrates his accessibility and sincerity in helping parents succeed. This book is an easy-to-read approach to universal parenting mistakes and from which almost anyone can benefit to become better adults. It presents a standard for future generations to model.

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