The Pineville Heist
by Lee Chambers
MISFP Publishing

"Maybe his dad was right. Maybe he’d never amount to nothing. Never be successful like him. Couldn’t even shoot a gun when it counted."

Award-winning writer and director Lee Chambers' electrifying debut novel begins with a bang and ends with heart-stopping suspense. Revolving around seventeen-year-old Aaron Stevens, son of the wealthiest man in the 3,902-person town of Pineville, Chambers concocts a plot featuring a five million dollar heist followed by a roller-coaster thrill ride, countless death-defying sequences, and cold-blooded murder.

Pineville is a small, yet beautiful and peaceful city relying primarily on the Stevens' mill for their livelihood. From the first page, it's clear that this serene portrayal of Pineville is going to be seriously altered. First, Aaron unexpectedly runs into the robbers in the forest. Then he witnesses a murder, and instinctively takes the bag of money. He heads over to the high school and consults Amanda, his attractive English teacher—and the only person who believes him. What happens next is a stirring game of cat-and-mouse as a murderer lurks in the school corridors, patiently hunting Aaron and Amanda—and the wealth that cajoled him into hatching such a plan.

As the readers complete this quick, but enthralling read, they will undoubtedly be in awe at the dexterity with which Lee Chambers devises the swiftly-moving plot, and the endless twists that keep the audience in anticipation until the last word. Just when readers are expecting a fastball, Chambers will throw a curve. The Pineville Heist is the very definition of thrill, energized with edge-of-your-seat action and suspense, along with an innovative plot—a delightful foray away from typical thrillers.

Refreshing characters, a wild goose chase with reckless abandon, and nonstop excitement makes it hard to imagine that much of the storyline unfolds within the corridors of a high school. Masterfully written and executed, Lee Chambers' the Pineville Heist is a must read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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