Poetry Through My Ages, Still Writing
by Brent Jared Dearham

"Everyone has a ticket
To sail the sea
And add to the witness
as we stand and mourn."

Dearham’s poetry compilation, which includes seven of his most cherished poems from a previous volume, is a collection that is as thoughtful as it is stimulating with its spectacular imagery. Instead of grouping all the poems into a particular idea or emotion, Dearham diligently crafts an identity for each of his poems. From the first poem, “History in the Making,” we are made privy to the poet’s ability to think introspectively in the face of a catastrophic day such as 9/11. His compilation runs the gamut of emotions, ranging from hope to despair. Particularly hopeful poems are “Dreams,” with its strong rhyme scheme and juxtaposition of the sun and moon, and “Good Morning,” which emphasizes the anxiety of waking up to the same person we were the night before. In these, as in many others, the constant that Dearham seems to emphasize is for readers to not forget the beauty in simply being alive.

Thoughtful poems take on personal meaning in pieces like “Ship of Life,” where the poet is honoring his grandmother’s life and mourning her passing with the solemn image of the ship (perhaps the harbinger of death?) leaving shore. More than once Dearham captivates audiences with his imagery, but in “Working Weeks” and particularly in “Time,” the idea of time fleeting and flying is compiled into two mesmerizing lines: “I’m always chasing it, it never stays.”

Later in his collection, Dearham incorporates poems like “Truth” and “Knowledge” to explore the metaphysical realities of the universe, while “Road Trip,” “Weekend Camping,” and “Why Not Me?” delve into just the act of living life. Dearham’s poetry is truly a breath of fresh air and a must read for all poetry aficionados.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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