Prayer When You Don’t Have the Words
by Tamara Michelle Dobbs

"Find a prayer that touches your heart or need."

As a licensed massage therapist, the author interacts with people who are often experiencing one of life’s pain points. Because Dobbs has the gift of empathy, she willing writes specific prayers for these clients, their friends, and her own friends/acquaintances. Each concise prayer in the book is for an actual person experiencing particular circumstances. For example, the issue needing words of prayer could be as simple as moving to a new home or as intense as the suicide of a relative.

This small book lists fifty-seven targeted prayers in nine general categories: Prosperity, Clarity, Joy, Peace, Death and Healing, Addictions, Neighbors, and God. The words are meant to be shared with others as well as for personal use. Dobbs promises that “each prayer that is done for another is also done for oneself...”

Everyone will undoubtedly prefer to address prayers according to personal or religious beliefs. Therefore, the author lists a prayer in several ways. First, Dobbs gives the circumstances for which it was originally written. Next, she records the actual words used for that client. For example, she addresses a prayer to ‘Creator.’ The final version of the prayer includes spaces where the reader can change the addressee’s name and add the name of the person needing prayer. Dobbs asks that she not be judged for tolerance of the beliefs of others.

A client sparked the idea of writing this book. An editor of a publishing company asked about the book before it was written. Others offered money and a place to stay conducive to writing. One of Dobb’s criteria was that she be close to nature. When the pieces all came together, the author was able to write the initial draft in ten days. Dobbs’ book is a caring gift for anyone in need.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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