Preparing for Marriage: A Paradigm Shift
by Kunle and Wumi Ajayi
AuthorHouse UK

"This book addresses preparation for marriage well before it is time to say ‘I do.’"

The Ajayis are a married couple and also medical professionals who believe that marriage, like the practice of medicine, requires careful and thorough preparation. Many marriages fail for lack of adequate prior understanding of the requirements of that time-honored institution. While in college, Kunle attended marriage seminars based on Christian principles, and he and Wumi were later led to practice marriage ministry. They strongly emphasize keeping God as a focus in marriage. One’s youth, they state, is the best time to begin preparing for marriage. Start by asking yourself what you expect from marriage, what is its purpose, and what you want in a spouse. Remember that you must turn from childhood relationships when you marry. Train yourself through books, seminars, mentoring, and prayer. Above all, as in other aspects of life, pursue excellence in your married relationship.

The Ajayis have composed an accessible guide. Each chapter ends with an exercise called Reflections that includes lines for readers to fill in. The Reflections are prompted by questions like, “What issues do you need to discuss with your proposed spouse before marriage?” Both authors have contributed segments devoted to their personal experience in grappling with these questions. The book examines serious topics but does not lack gentle humor, reminding the reader, for example, that though God chose Adam and Eve to be the first couple, their relationship began with conflict. The authors, quoting from the Bible and other sources, take on difficult subjects such as sex in marriage, pointing out that it is meant to be beautiful and God-given. The Ajayi’s involvement with couples—organizing forums and conferences both in Nigeria and the UK—has given them a wide perspective. This slim volume should be quite helpful to those embarking on the journey of marriage, especially within a Christian framework.

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