Proactive and Applied Resilience: The Sixteen Experiences
by Glenn E. Richardson, PhD

"Resiliency, with its accompanying skills of resiliency mapping is the experience and choice of planning how you will thrive through life’s disruptions."

Resiliency is the key to living with sustained well-being, and Richardson’s journey through the discovery of the Q-nexus experiences begins out of adversity—near tragedy, in fact. As he leaves campus one night he is struck by an Oldsmobile and sent into a coma for ten days. However, this experience taught the author the reality that all stories are born from some event and that resiliency truly reveals itself in the face of adversity, challenges, or other calamities in life. Q-nexus refers to the qualities and virtues you truly want (Q) and the connection to sources of those qualities and virtues (nexus).

Richardson’s book serves as a handbook to overcoming anything that life throws at you whether expected or (more likely than not) unexpected. Written with both authority and compassion, Richardson provides insight, tools, and the compassion for cultivating the strength and wisdom that leads to resiliency and ultimately an unshakeable life. The book describes resiliency as a journey, one that takes you from feeling the desperate ache of hopelessness to the hopefulness of new possibilities and positive growth. But Richardson says this is just the beginning of the journey, for at this point one can take on the proactive elements and learn mastery over the resiliency skills taught throughout the book. Richardson describes how, ultimately, resiliency shows you glimpses of new identities but also how, ultimately, the impetus remains in the individual to choose to act or not to act. But the tone remains optimistic and promising throughout because the author so clearly wants everyone to thrive, to live their best possible lives. The book reverberates with both wisdom and courage, and any reader will feel inspired to try again and to never give up.

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