The Sum of Random Chance
by Lee Chambers
MISFP Publishing

"This could be the biggest story of my career. People will eat it up. A good Samaritan... witch. No not witch."

Cole Wilkes is a young man struggling to succeed as a reporter. He doesn't realize that the people around him like his girlfriend or co-worker Stephen do not have his best interest at heart. A series of events transpire, however, when a young blonde woman named Sara appears. He finds himself separated from his former acquaintances and becomes a neighbor of this young woman. He starts to date her out of curiosity but comes to find that he really likes her. But, there are so many paranormal activities that happen around this woman that he can no longer ignore them. Cole struggles to decide whether to exploit Sara for his own career by publishing a story about her magic abilities or to protect their friendship and respect her privacy.

This young adult novel has a magical element that calls into question the values and motivations that we all face. The somewhat unworldly heroine is selfless and loving of the poor and sick and is devoid of monetary motivations. Her way of life is shown to come into direct conflict with the rat race of media exploitation and the lure of worldly success. A modern morality tale, this story tugs at the heart, while portraying alternative ways of living as dog-eat-dog. The writing style is succinct and the characterizations are archetypical without being cartoonish. A careful balance of intrigue and pathos combine to make the narrative open the mind while it engages the emotions.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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