Tell It To Me Straight, Doc
by Steven Marx Celestin, MD

"Medications are great supportive tools, but they can never be greater than the patients themselves. They treat conditions, but they don't treat life."

Is your medication treating the cause or the symptoms of your condition? Are you overusing antibiotics for non-bacterial maladies? Do you have a long-term treatment plan in place for your ailments? Many of us don't consider questions like these when we visit the doctor's office; we leave the thinking to the professionals. The author urges us to abandon this manner of thinking in favor of actually understanding our bodies and all their peculiarities. Celestin’s book aims to equip readers with the right questions to ask their doctors and emphasizes acquiring knowledge over blindly following the doctor's orders.

The author draws on over 16 years of experience as a family doctor to create a patient-friendly medical book. Using an honest and humble tone, Celestin explains the most common medical issues and debunks the myths that surround them. The topics he includes are broad, including sinus infections, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and other common ailments of our day and age. The book infuses a healthy dose of common sense into a field that is, unfortunately, a mystery to many, and puts emphasis on actually treating the condition instead of its symptoms.

Reading this book feels like sitting down with a very well-informed family doctor without any time constraints: Celestin speaks to the reader as a doctor speaks to a client—or at least as a doctor should. For among the patient and friendly explanations, the author also brings to light the issues with today's medical care, like our over-reliance on instant gratification medicine, and the lack of conversation between doctors and their patients. If you're not sure what your medicine actually does; if you'd rather understand what's going on in your body; if you are tired of coming back to treat the same issues over and over, then this book is for you.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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