The Exchange of Rings (Tales of Avalon)
by Daisy Bourne
AuthorHouse UK

"One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for a Girl, Four for a Boy, Five…for Silver, Six…for Gold, Seven…a Secret Never to be Told."

The third book of the Tales of Avalon series welcomes back friends, foes, heroes, and heroines well-known to King Arthur’s people in Avalon. These include both the human and magical kind. And wherever good and evil clash, there will always be long-time enemies (Trajaens) or unfriendly strangers (the Northern King).The tale told in this book begins and ends with the exchange of rings. Avalon’s own Prince Edward and Princess Rosalie are among the couples exchanging rings. These marriage-like relationships between future kings and queens are typically meant to unify neighboring lands. A missing ring—stolen by a magpie—sets Merlin on a hurried journey, and there will be one more surprise union whose secret is told before the end of the book. Bindweed enchantments have long protected wizards, the little folk, and their secrets. Now the same spells may be used to reverse destruction caused by an invasive weed, saving farmers and living creatures, including magpies, from death by starvation.

Bourne’s fantasy series was inspired by what might have happened after the Arthurian legend. What if Merlin took the wounded Arthur through a portal to another world where he survived and lives? Also, what if in this place animals speak and magical people assist their neighbors? Readers familiar with the series will enjoy reconnecting with favorite characters and wrapping up loose ends before the next adventure begins. Bourne has created a fantasy world especially geared toward the young adult market, where danger or romance must be true-to-life but suitably contained. Once again she welcomes youthful readers back to this enchanted place of kings, queens, flying brooms, mines, pit ponies, and the Forbidden Forest.

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