"Writers, or those in any creative enterprise, should be open to a variety of means by which we can reach our goals."

Florida’s southern east coast is home to The Kings Point Creative Writers’ Club, a group of creatives living in a retirement community whose eighteen months of endeavors are anthologized in this entertaining collection. Their offerings range from memoir to art and poetry to fiction, but all are interwoven with the indefatigable human desire to create, to share something of oneself with the world. Readers will learn much from this group whose members share life experiences such as selling programs at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, gifting an antique railroad set to Frank Sinatra, and traveling to Israel. The collection also holds ten prints of original paintings, a collection of moving poems, musings on the art of writing, stories of family, humorous anecdotes, and an entertaining retelling of Genesis.

Too often the lure of the new and modern blinds us to the wisdom and genius that has come before. When reading the works in this book, it becomes clear this is not only an important venture for its contributors but also an invaluable link for those in the younger generations to the creativity of their elders. Care is given in both the writing and the editing to offer readers the best in relaying memories and stories of the past. Whether rendered in prose, poetry, or art, each work exudes a sincere desire to tell a story or present an idea well. Readers will be impressed not only by the quality of work found here but also by the biographies included of each contributor. This group has created a collection of work that readers will enjoy for both its substance and the pure joy evident in its creators.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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