The Whyte Hinde
by Lizzy Lloyd

"She would welcome ghosts but only those who were benign and kept to their part of the house and left her in peace."

The book takes us through the life of Amber, who recently won a million pounds. While she always thought she would help others with the money, she decides to focus on herself. Finding an ancient, abandoned mansion, Fynehurst Hall, she delves into buying and refurbishing the manor and the property back to its previous elegance. She also is intrigued by the death of the eccentric previous owner, thought to have been murdered.

Winding a story surrounding the history of the property, Amber's current relationships, murder, and psychic events, the author weaves a deep mystery. Most intriguing are Amber's relationships as she finds herself further drawn into the past and the love and passion she has with the same man, albeit in different centuries including the present. With her visions from the past and her propensity to be sucked back into time, she starts to lose her present life into the past ones. This is all related to the manor, the former inhabitants, and her love for the most recent incarnation of the men, Piers Darrowby.

A fascinating tale with beautiful descriptions, it's an unusual rendering of the mystical, magical, and mysterious, and is engaging with the ongoing tale of love through the ages. With the soul connections between the past and the present and the history and the mystery, it draws the reader into a detailed look at Amber's spirit and soul and the impact on other persons. For how are ghosts, incubuses, white hinds, and past lives, as well as pagan and Christian beliefs, related to this memorizing story? Exploring Amber's process, one wonders if she has reached a state of mental illness or if she has lost her soul through the dark renderings of the past. A unique read, it is well-written and the ending is as fascinating as the rest of the book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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