Vigilant Christian V Perfect Money Planning
by David J. Dionisi
Trafford Publishing

"The secret to financial success is consistent growth. The secret to being rich is helping people, living simply, and giving from what you need instead of just what is left over"

In a time when many are struggling financially, the merit of money planning and investing cannot be underrated. According to Dionisi, people's main financial goal should not be merely accumulation of wealth, however. Helping the poor and needy is not a luxury for the rich, but is an injunction for all Christians. Dionisi's aim in writing this book is to help readers manage their money in such a way as to enable people to fulfill their Christian duty, and he claims that this goal is attainable if one plans appropriately. Not just a basic book about budgeting, it also explains how the economy works. Dionisi describes in simple terms how the Federal Reserve operates, and he details the history of money since the Civil War. He then covers issues like establishing an emergency fund, determining one's priorities, and debt management. Not only does the author provide excellent advice on how to pay down debt, but he provides worksheets and quizzes to help the reader ascertain where to start. Other chapters cover such topics as insurance and what types are most important to buy, when owning a house is a smart option, and how to plan for retirement or funding college. He provides formulas to calculate retirement and college costs and discusses many investment options such as IRAs and Certificates of Deposit. Through it all, Dionisi emphasizes scriptural commands to be wise stewards over one's wealth. This book is a comprehensive guide to economic health and independence and is a must-read for anyone concerned about money and serving others.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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