Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care
by Victor Montori
The Patient Revolution

"Healthcare has shifted its focus from patient care and instead has honed in on achieving goals that are industrial and financial."

The Patient Revolution was founded by the author with the goal to change healthcare's one-size-fits-all attitude into a more human experience. This book is the movement's manifesto. The message is clear: healthcare has turned into an industry driven by politics, corporations, and an alarming lack of personalized attention. As a result, doctors and other professionals in the industry are lacking a critical aspect necessary for doing their job well—care.

Healthcare providers, the book states, are being pulled in too many different directions by time constraints, pharmaceutical companies, money issues, and other concerns. As a result, personalized care falls by the wayside. Montori makes it clear that the solution to this problematic practice lies in the hands of everyone involved—doctors must remember how to care, industries must shift the focus from group health care to personal care, policymakers must examine whether their rules are helpful or detrimental to the industry, and patients must stop accepting subpar healthcare as the norm.

Montori presents the cause of the Patient Revolution with elegant, at times poetic, writing, drawing from personal experiences and anecdotes from both sides of the fence. Reading his book, you might find yourself nodding your head in agreement. But where others may leave this as a rant against doctors and their lack of care, Montori's experience as a doctor and educator ensures that he truly takes no sides. Doctors might not always provide adequate care, but they often do so as a response to being overworked and pressured from all directions. In fact, the book is largely geared towards professionals in the healthcare industry, urging them to take action and be the instigators of change, at least within their community. Still, this is a book for both patients and doctors, which hopes to sow the seed of change in an industry that desperately needs it.

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