Kaycee's Tattered Spirit (The Tattered) Volume 1
by K.C.Rice

Kaycee’s at a turning point, and she’s yet to realize it or the implications. Committed to a first-love relationship, yet to a man who is slowly collapsing inside himself as much as he is abusing her, Kaycee finds herself in a serial, Internet flirtation that has evolved into an erotic dialogue. And she cannot resist it. Every fiber of her body wants this faceless mystery man on the other end of the wire, and she must wrestle with mixed emotions of guilt and desire. Author K.C. Rice delivers the tale of a woman about to grow and change with reckless abandon. Where some erotica channels a slow build to the juicy parts, Rice engages these scenes with genuineness and regularity. This is largely an interior monologue of a woman about to embrace her deepest wishes and perhaps more than she has bargained for. This is a satisfying and entertaining read on a number of levels.


Chapter One


What were you doing up so late last night?" Shane asked Kaycee as she reached to pour another cup of coffee.

Shane and Kaycee have been together for four, almost five years. He has stood by her side through trials and tribulations, but lately has become more distracted, distant, and moody. His excuse being his new job responsibilities, and the stress of getting used to his new role. Causing a strain in the relationship, and doubt to creep into Kaycee's mind.

Bringing the cup to her lips, she takes a sip as she looks over the rim, "Just more research. Trying to cover all the bases, juggling work, home and school." She shrugs as her heart skips a beat, the heavy feeling inside her as guilt begins to gnaw at her insides.

Reaching over the counter Shane caresses her arm, "I just worry about you, you need to get more rest, and you're not sleeping enough. Maybe you should think about setting out the rest of this semester, take a while off and recoup."

Shaking her head in disagreement, "I'm fine. I'm almost finished with my research and the people I've met online are awesome. You know some have become really good friends, it's just the time difference, that's all. This is my last semester Shane, I've worked too hard and come too far, and it'll be worth it in the end, when I walk across the stage and get my college diploma," smiling, "I'll take a nap later today. I promise." She says as she kisses his cheek and gathers her computer bag, picking up her keys from the island, turning to head out the door. "I'll see you later." She yells back as the screen door closes behind her.

Arriving at her favorite quaint coffee shop, loving this time of day. It's still early, and not many people milling around. She doesn't have to wait in line, instead she's able to step up to the counter and order her usual. Taking her change from the cashier, turning she sees her favorite quiet corner is free. Smiling to herself she makes her way across the store to her little alcove.

Opening her bag and removing her computer, along with her notebooks full of research, notes, and doodles, she spreads it across the small square table. Staking her claim as her name is called over the speaker, announcing her order is ready for pick up. Walking over to the pickup counter, the Barista hands her her order with a smile, "good morning Kaycee," he addresses, as she smiles back with a simple, "Thank you."

Taking her cup filled with a delicious, creamy latte, garnished with a sweet heart froth on top, in one hand, her plate with a hot buttery croissant, with a side of warm honey in the other hand.

Turning she walks back to the quiet little nook she has claimed and begins her Friday morning routine.

Her mind wondering from the computer screen to the window, watching the birds flit around outside. The little beggars searching for a few crumbs from a muffin, croissant, or cookie, anything that could quench the pangs of hunger that fill their little tummies.

Getting lost in the show, the serenity of the warm sunshine glowing through the window, warming her face. The constant parade of sweet music as the birds sing and chirp, carrying on their very own conversations. Kaycee's thoughts drift back to the faceless stranger she had met online, in one of those Social Media sights, just two weeks ago.

How in the hell did this even start? One moment they are in deep discussion of fine art, and the next… Oh God, the next, was so fucking intense.

Without realizing it, she squeezes her thighs together in an attempt to cease the ache that is beginning to build, as she recalls their conversation last night. Wondering how in the hell the conversation shifted, how by the time their conversation was over her panties were soaked and she was aching. Giving a whole new meaning to 'the need for release.'

Giggling to herself. Of course, Shane had no complaints. Hell I'm pretty sure I rocked his world last night… She smiles as she sips her latte, a little of the froth clinging to her top lip, swiping her tongue out, she licks it off as she continues remembering…

Sitting her cup down, her thoughts beginn to wonder toward Mason once more.

What is it about him that draws her to him, she knows it's wrong. Hell it's stupid!

You don't meet a complete stranger online and begin sharing things with them, at least not the things the two of them had shared. And to actually send provocative pictures of herself… granted none wwere nudes, but hell they might as well be, she was definitely pushing the envelope as they say.

And the fact that she has yet to see even a hint of a picture of him.

Anywhere! What the hell is up with that? She wonders.

She's searched hi and low. On every website that has a connection to him, still no picture. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn you name it, she's looked, coming up empty handed each and every time.

She's pretty sure he's being honest with her as to who he is, or he's a really good bull shitter. Everything he's told her about himself has panned out. Though he's not shared much outside his business. She has no idea if he's married, in a relationship, or anything else about his private life. A definite red flag!

So why in the hell can't she stay away? Damn it. She sighs. Rubbing her hands over her face and through her hair as that familiar ping sounds from her computer, notifying her she has an instant message.

Her stomach drops and her breath catches as she sees the visible logo, a profile pic she's come to recognize immediately, alongside the comment, "Hey Sweethear."

Knowing she shouldn't engage in a conversation, she can't help herself as she feels that old familiar pull that she's come to recognize only when he's involved.

Taking a deep breath, she replies, "Hey. How are you?"

As she waits for his response, watching the curser flash as the notation comes across letting her know he's typing. Her breath becomes heavy and labored as her anxiety builds, waiting in expectation as he finishes his thoughts and they appear before her.

"Did you sleep well last night, my dear?" He asks…

Her hands becoming sweaty herher pulse begins to race as she remembers their late night conversation.

"I would back you up against the wall, plastering you tight between it and my hard body. You'd be able to feel how badly I want you sweetheart, the proof pressing hard and thick against your belly.

I'd then place your hands above your head, pinning them there, holding them in place with one hand, as the other grabs a fist full of your luscious locks, holding you in place while I consume you.

Holding your head to the side, freeing your gorgeous long neck. I'll use my tongue to travel along your hot body…. Starting at your neck, that tender little place just below your ear."

Mmmmm I hum as I read his words. My lady bits quivering as I continue to read , "I would lean my head down, burying my nose in your hair, tracing your ear with my tongue, gently biting as I slowly traveled up and over your jaw… nipping and sucking. Makiing my way to your mouth, ah Baby, I would have Complete. And. Total control of your body."

Sighing as my mouth goes dry, I almost climax just reading the things he's typing.

Shaking her head trying to free those erotic thoughts from her head….

With shaking hands hoveriering over the computer keys, she surveys the area, fearful someone might read their conversation.

Once she convinced the screen of the computer is secure from prying eyes, she begins her answer… Her belly no longer hungry, but a quivering bowl of jello.

"Why, yes I did, actually. How about you? Did you sleep well?" She giggles as she settles down in her seat once again, looking over the top of her laptop, afraid someone may be able to tell what she's doing. Guilt flooding her, yet still, she's unable to stop.

Hell what IS she doing…? Talking to a complete stranger, sexting with a complete stranger, of all things what the fuck is wrong with her? She knows better, damn it she's in a relationship! To a wonderful, faithful, loving, respectable, caring man, her very first love, her savior, he saved her from a home life of hell. She owes him so much, and this. This is how she shows him?

She closes her eyes tightly, as the invisible pull wraps its hands tightly around her, making it impossible for her to turn a way, to do the right thing and exit out of instant chat and unfriend him once and for all. Damn it all to hell.

She waits as the curser moves, indicating he was now replying, and "It would have been better if you were lying next to me. Naked. I would've loved waking this morning with you beside me. Feeling your warm body next to me, our legs tangled together beneath my sheets. I'd watch you while you slept in my arms. And then I'd wake you up by running my fingers through your hair, kissing your nose, your eyes, and your lips. Just thinking about it, makes me hard for you, Sweetheart. My cock pulsing thick with need."

Reading his reply, Kaycee feels the warmth spreading through her body, once again feeling the flush in her cheeks, her nipples tighten, as her breath quickens, her lady bits quiver in anticipation. Taking a long slow breath, shivering as she releases it.

She licks her parched lips, before glancing around once again, steadying her hands above the keyboard, she then begins typing her reply. "Oh really? It's a shame I'm not there…. I would've loved to wake next to you too... To feel your hands in my hair, your lips on mine. I dreamt about you last night. You know? I woke with my hands down inside my panties, my fingers were so fucking wet." She giggles once more to herself as she presses send.

Squirming a little in attempt to relieve some of the pressure building in her panties at that very moment, feeling the dampness as it begins to build between her legs. Squeezing her thighs together, to quill the hunger that this stranger entices within her very core. As the smoldering fire inside her begins to flame.

Sitting back in her chair, taking a sip of her now cold latte, she watches and waits…. Her nerves at high alert. As the curser once again beings moving indicating his reply….

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you, Sweetheart…. I would have sucked the sweet honey off each and eevery one of your tiny fingers. Replacing them with my thick fingers, moving them slowly in and out of your hot, tight little pussy, circling and swirling your clit. I would have you at the brink of ecstasy, just ready to explode."

The typing stops… starting up again, "Then I'd stop and pull my hand away, making you wait, not allowing you to cum." He pauses. The curser stops as though he's thinking, than begins to move again, "It's all about the anticipation, you know that, right? Building up inside you, making you wait, building and building until you're about to come apart. Waiting for that one last stroke that will send you spiraling out of control. As the most intense, powerful orgasm ravishes through your body. Your body will be dripping wet from perspiration, your pussy quivering, your breath ragged and exhaustion will consume you as you slowly come down off the most sensual climax you have ever experienced."

Breathless, filled with a desperation for release, Kaycee squeezes her legs tighter, the burn between her legs now unbearable. Her mind wondering aimlessly, how is it I feel so safe when we talk? We've never really met, yet it's as though we've known each other our whole lives. The chemistry, it's electrifying. The high he gives me each time we chat…. It's as though his fingers are seaarching, dancing along my body, causing it to sing an exquisite duet, only he and I can perform.

Raising her hands to the keys once again she types, "Where do we go from here?" She asks exasperated. Her pulse visible in her neck, as it pulsates rapidly, her heart beating erratically against her ribs. Pressing send one last time. Waiting for his reply….

The curser blinking steadily as he repllies, "Where ever it takes us…."


book text © K.C.Rice

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