2020: The Lost Year Under King Trump
by Steve Gismondi

"Good luck. We gotta start somewhere though. It will only work with social distancing... I sure hope we can get our world back soon."

Gismondi's work is the text version of a time capsule, ideal for future generations to grasp the gravity of the events that unfolded in 2020 and will largely define life for decades to come. On the surface, the focus may seem like it is on politics and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, digging deeper, Gismondi has astutely chosen headlines from the Orlando Sentinel that, when woven together, forge an unforgettable tapestry of calamity and chaos.

With each headline, the author presents a portal for audiences to rekindle their memories of both monumental tragedies like the George Floyd shooting and news that would otherwise have likely been forgotten, such as 100,000 civilians being injured or killed over the last decade in Afghanistan and, according to Michael Cohen, Trump's disparaging remarks on Nelson Mandela. To describe this book as comprehensive would be an understatement as Gismondi does justice to domestic and global, political and environmental, and even historical events. From blocking witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial to highlighting a one-dollar mugging death on Christmas eve, the work is a copious snapshot of the year, a SparkNotes version for audiences seeking to better understand how the world is evolving.

Perhaps what makes this work refreshing is the author's ability to simultaneously demonstrate a level of impartiality in the articles he has chosen while being unafraid to take a stand and voice his commentary on those he feels require further thought. In the process, those living through these unprecedented times as well as future generations will gain a layer of perspective on the events that shaped major topics like climate change, gun control, the balance between work and the rest of life, and racial relations. Gismondi's clear and concise writing style combined with his flair for infusing personality and keeping readers engaged makes this a must-have on every shelf.

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