2020 Words: of Pandemic Poems
by Dallas Ann H. Erwood
LitPrime Solutions

"Off to the grocer I go
Face mask around my throat
In the gray pouring-down rain
Of another pandemic day"

Opening with a poem that reflects on the pain social distancing during a pandemic inflicts, this collection transports readers back into a year that will live as vividly in the minds of readers as 1941 or 2001: 2020. Celebrations of family in a dark time remind readers of what truly matters. The duty and responsibility to others that became imperative during the pandemic are immortalized in poems such as "Today's 86'ing." "Things I've Learned" reinforces to readers the societal shifts many people made and adapted to in order to create a new normal: "There's Venmo, the currency current / And Apple Pay via Wallet." Other poems remind readers that while social distancing for some was a complete upheaval with dire mental and emotional health consequences, others reveled in the solace that isolation offered: "I'm sorry / But I love social distancing! / No more space invasions!"

This collection celebrates the everyday occurrences that, prior to the 2020 pandemic, went overlooked because of the world's fast-paced nature. Relying on an intimate, friendly, and insightful personal voice, the poems in this work take on a conversational tone. Thus, the book is accessible for not only readers of all ages but also those new to the poetry genre. For those more interested in current events and their effects on everyday life, the topics in this compilation will resonate. Other readers will appreciate the allusions to pop culture and history. Fans of similarly themed works such as Apocalyptic 2020 and Book of True Life Poems may find a new favorite in this collection.

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