2077: Knights of Peace
by John Sears
Balboa Press

"Try your hardest to please Yahweh by the act of trying, not to gain prestige."

The Knights of Peace is a group of people dedicated to eliminating all forms of violence, and the potential for violence, from society without doing harm. Roscoe Finley, determined to overcome his own challenges, joins the Knights. The methods used to prevent groups from inflicting unwanted actions involve learning physical, mental, and emotional skills. Roscoe is particularly challenged by a lack of empathy, which is a part of the "Sociodynamics" in which the Knights must be educated. The training is difficult, and Roscoe develops an increased sense of competition during it. Throughout the quests to restore peace, multiple intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intergroup conflicts emerge. A love triangle develops between Roscoe and his colleague Eric Reed when they compete for a woman who is a mission member. There are additional external threats to the concept of peace, including the existence of a frightening religious cult.

Sears' message develops in ironic ways. For example, the "peacemakers" have needs and challenges that threaten to alienate individuals from others. Meanwhile, their "peacekeeping" appears to be based on paramilitary-like maneuvers, not true conflict resolution. Also, the teamwork required if they apply the lessons learned to rehabilitate their society will not work until they reach a level of enlightenment based on spirituality for lasting peace. The message and how it is relayed remind one of the lessons in The Prophet, The Once and Future King, the New Testament, the Torah, the Quran, the teachings of Confucius, and other religious and spiritual works. The author's book should appeal to those who appreciate futuristic stories with a strong philosophical underpinning.

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