3:15 pm: Musings in Hong Kong
by Mukta Arya
Partridge Publishing

"Why do we add to our torment?
Not Valuing what we have at present…"

This short volume of poetry, "written over a cup of afternoon tea (at 3:15 pm) in Hong Kong on weekends and holidays," is a tribute to the human capacity to capture life in both its simplicity and complexity in poetic snapshots. Some of the poems are emotional, delving into human interactions and those words said and left unsaid. For example, in "A Few Words!" the speaker states, "A few words which are meant to hurt, / Can break your heart and crush your soul…" Others are simple praises such as in "Nature": "The flowers swung to great. / A splash of colour in gray." Meanwhile, in "Rain," nature speaks directly to the poet: "The little pools call me unabashed,." The juxtaposition of deep emotion with whimsical abandon is striking.

Arya's second volume of verse based on her observational musings shows the keen eye of the poet. From the childlike wonder of watching and listening to the "pitter-patter on the pavement" of rain to the naughty breeze "making an impish play," the author views the world of nature with glee. Other offerings deal with the more complicated areas of life, such as in the poem "Time": "And, then I realized, / That I can never 'find time', / It needs to be created,." Though the book is admittedly brief, with only nineteen poems in the collection, there is nonetheless a volume in the array of topics offered here. The author's love for taking both the simple and complex and creating a short personal impression in poetry is evident. This book is for lovers of poetry and those who enjoy a glimpse into the mind of another.

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