A Morning Walk with God
by Marlene L. Burling
PageTurner Press and Media

"I have asked the Lord to show me simple spiritual lessons as I walk with Him throughout my day."

A devout church leader, author Burling has created her collection to address Christians in a special way, using the calendar as its basis. Each entry has a unique heading and contains the author’s observations and revelations, supported by quotations from the Holy Bible and concluding with three questions under the heading “For my walk with God this morning”: “What is this telling me about God?; What do I need to do today?; Is there a promise I can claim?” The answers are to be provided by the reader. January 1, for example, is headed “Happy New Year” and encourages the reader to “press on,” reminding them of the reasons they have to be thankful, despite life’s calamities seen from personal experience. In April, the traditional Easter season, contemplations include “It All Begins at Calvary.” On July 4, she thanks the Lord for “America and our freedom and independence.” Meanwhile, the days leading up to, including, and following Christmas are laden with references to the birth of Jesus—all delivered with gentle, individual purpose and perception.

Burling is a Sunday school teacher, a widow who once partnered with her husband in pastoring, and a speaker representing a woman's special viewpoint. Here she insightfully addresses the concerns of all readers who have lost a beloved partner while continually urging those facing any problems and challenges to “follow the true light,” avoid excuses and envy, attend church, and “worship before we ask,” secure in the knowledge that God will answer in his own time. Her daily contemplations are neatly and succinctly organized and designed to inspire and invoke further thinking. The questions that conclude each entry are both compelling and profound. Her book can be envisioned not only as a “walk with it” volume but also as a focus for Christian-based study and discussion.

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