"One day you could be a secret agent for the government, do many heroic things as you travel, and accomplish the missions that are given to you."

In a dream sequence, young Juan imagines he is a secret agent on a mission to save another agent who has been captured. His mission leads him to travel far and wide to track down the kidnappers. Using a car, a train, a helicopter, and even a horse, Juan stops at nothing to get to where he needs to go. He must use all his skills, tools, and resources to find Sara before it is too late. Narrated in English on one page and Spanish on the facing page, this book is an excellent resource for children learning a second language. An index of word usage is also included in English and Spanish. Black and white illustrations accompany the action and provide an entertaining visual story to support the action-packed thrills of secret agent Juan.

The engaging and precocious narrator, Juan, relays the details of his mission in all its glory and intensity. Readers will race beside him through close calls and narrow escapes to reach the conclusion of his adventure. The fast-paced action and uncertain outcome add to the thrilling story of Juan's quest to save Sara. Once reunited, the duo does not disappoint as they work together to reach safety. Weapons are used in this endeavor, but Juan is quick to clarify that they are used to wound and not kill because agents are humanitarians. For young readers who like action and also want to practice their Spanish or their English, this title serves it up in spades.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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