"When Ants descended from his lookout point in the morning, the two mustangs were busy eating mesquite beans. Strange, he thought, that mustangs were the only animal he knew that not only ate but enjoyed the bitter beans."

This is a story that takes the ever-popular cowboy and Indian tale on a turn for the better. Beginning with the story of an unjust killing of a native and the cowboy's desire to seek justice for the innocent, the stage is set for a whirlwind of adventures with the man who lives under the alias "Ants." Even though Ants is a fictional character, his adventures are interwoven with historical events, including a mission given by President Abraham Lincoln.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to other famous people from history, including Nathan Bedford Forest, Frederick Douglas, and Robert E. Lee, to name a few. As the storyline follows Ants and his gang through Western adventures and battles, readers watch them fall in love, settle down, and age through life. In the end, Ants is leaning against an old cottonwood tree, reflecting on the life he has lived with his wife and children, the trials he has endured, and his successes and failures. The narrative shows how one life lived well can impact the lives of so many.

Even though Ants is a fictional character from a fictional town, he is written amidst so much historical fact that it is hard to believe he did not live and breathe and walk this earth. Kain interweaves his own experiences, family history, and extensive research carefully throughout the story, making this novel both an educational and a realistic read. The story opens and ends with the author hearing these tales from Ants himself. Because Kain includes personal details such as his children's names and a picture of his grandmother's wedding, the idea of the author having a relationship with his character feels real. Any historical fiction lover will be immersed in this action-packed story.

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