A Young Man’s Dream/An Old Man’s Reality
by Wyveda I. Philbert
Author Reputation Press

"After living on a boat like this, you realize how little you need to survive and be happy."

As a young man, Joe dreamed of sailing The Great Loop, sometimes called The Great Circle, from Florida up the Intracoastal Waterway through the Erie Canal and The Great Lakes, and then down the river system to the Gulf of Mexico. In his sixties, he finally sets out on this adventure with his wife by his side. This is her account of the journey they undertook in 2003, traveling from April to October in their thirty-one-foot sailboat, Whoosher. She shares her daily journal of nautical miles logged and the amazing places they visited along the way, with stopovers in marinas, coastal towns, harbors, and ports.

Weighing the risks and rewards of this sailing adventure, Philbert is uncertain if she will go the distance with her husband and complete The Great Loop. With candor and charm, she shares her worries and excitement for the trip ahead. Ultimately, the support of the sailing community gives her the hope she needs to commit fully. Upon launch, they find wonders around every bend, through every lock, and along every waterway. Philbert describes the natural world, including wildlife encounters, vibrant sunsets, and the changing face of the water as tides shift, and winds roughen the surface. This charming travel memoir offers day-to-day vignettes that reveal what it takes to follow a dream on the water. Stamina, luck, and preparation are all a part of the journey.

Readers will be transported aboard Whoosher and will feel what it means to follow through on the adventurous longings of life. Philbert’s journal is pleasantly captivating, forthright, and open-hearted. Her delight is infectious and will offer armchair escapism or inspiration depending on a reader’s spirit and desire for a voyage around The Great Loop.

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