Accidental Diplomacy
by Jeffrey Busch and Dominic Man-Kit Lam
Archway Publishing

"Throughout history, diplomats have always been the unsung heroes of civilization."

A computer glitch sets off a chain of events in the South China Sea between China and the United States that has the potential to escalate to World War III unless diplomatic intervention generates peaceful solutions between the two superpowers. As politicians converge at a peace summit, Russia works in the shadows to interfere through social media, starting a proxy war on the Internet for hearts, minds, and influence. The diplomats work their own brand of influence as they engage in talks that seek to find a solution that respects the culture of each country and the needs each has in the aftermath of the violent incident that claimed the lives of soldiers on both sides. Can China and the United States tread the precipitous crags of conflict and find safe ground in peace and goodwill?

This political thriller is a timely exploration of a world on the verge of catastrophe triggered by human error and threatened by cultural misunderstandings rooted in history and experience. The authors expertly juggle both sides of the stand-off as multiple characters represent each side. The politics and policies honed over time are meticulously presented through ambitious conversations between sides and the inner dialogue of individual characters. Complexity and nuance are never sacrificed for plot propulsion and thrill-making. From the opening scene to the soul-stirring conclusion, readers will feel the authors' expertise in the depth of insight about each culture and through the entwining stories of multiple characters.

Sometimes moments arrive that challenge our highest principles, and people are thrust into the most important work of their lives. This gripping masterclass of diplomacy showcases the best political maneuvering while also respecting history and culture.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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