Addie’s Ascent: A Story of Hope
by C.W. Young
Archway Publishing

"When people acknowledge the Shadows that haunt them and find ways to overcome them, they will be set free and guaranteed life of abundance on earth."

This is a magical journey that will make readers want to forget everything they thought they knew about their “real life” and, instead, see their own lives as a spiritual voyage through light and dark energies. Addie is only nine years old when he experiences his first spiritual awakening. Addie begins his adventure with Solomon, who tells him that their time together is a precious gift of transformation. Addie sets out to climb Mount Bedlam, and along the way, he is confronted by obstacles, both physical and spiritual. A rock, for instance, is not just a rock but a barrier to moving onward and a block for returning home. Addie must conquer many mental beasts and physical impasses on his journey, and he does so thoughtfully and with grace. Perhaps the most difficult antagonist that Addie is forced to face along the way is himself.

In a teaser to one of the main themes of his book, the author includes a powerful paragraph by Malcolm X in the prologue, examining the importance of thinking for oneself rather than allowing others’ thoughts to dictate one’s life. Young also enhances his narrative by highlighting phrases from well-known writers like Thoreau and great thinkers such as Buddha. He continues to cite passages from these, and other great leaders, throughout the book. There is much for both Addie and the reader to be awed by in this deeply moving safari through light and dark. After his long adventure, Addie is left thunderstruck by the beauty of both the spiritual and physical worlds that he lives in, an eye-opening moment that readers can experience vicariously. This is a rich and satisfying book about conquering selfishness, phobias, and loneliness on this earthly plane in preparation for the next journey into the afterlife.

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