America’s History: 1215-1776
by Connor Boyack and Elijah Stanfield
Libertas Press

"Just then the first firework burst with a pop in the night sky. It was red, followed by a blue one, and then others of many colors."

This colorful book offers a unique way to learn about America’s history. It opens with a close examination of the early trade routes and those covered by Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. Young readers then learn about how those trade routes gave way to a global exchange of ideas as well as new migration routes, which eventually led to the colonization of America. Events like the Stamp Act of 1765 receive full attention. As children encounter a swath of stories centering on these significant events, they also learn how that history influenced American politics from its founding to today. Various discussions about liberty and its philosophical and social role in American society are also included in the narrative.

This book relies on stories to share America’s history. However, it isn’t just a reading experience. The colorful artwork and the sidebar material create an interactive one that engages readers of all ages. Young readers also receive insights about national holidays, such as America’s Independence Day. Additionally, the book examines rising social divisions in America. These discussions provide a helpful framework for what children may see happening around them. At the center of the conversation, nonetheless, is the importance of an individual’s choice in regard to what they believe or do not believe. The Tuttle Twins are an inspiration to children to keep learning not only about the country in which they live but also about themselves. For parents and educators looking for a novel way to teach their children and their students about America’s unique history, this book is a worthwhile tool for doing so.

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