An Exhibition of Existence
by Dr. Waleed Addas
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"No human organization could have ever concocted such a pre-planned series of events and miracles—only the Almighty God who wished to guide us."

In a world that appears to often be aimlessly meandering about, Addas’ work is a guiding light, providing a pathway for individuals to live righteously and tackle the inevitable temptations that are certain to arise. Using a series of known mediums like astronomy, the author examines the notion of existence using the stars and the cosmos. Simply put, the work uses sound reasoning to establish a poignant argument: the existence of something should not be predicated upon whether one can see it or not.

As the text dives deeper, the theory of reality and revelation are explained through an interesting fusion of mathematics and science, a clear commiseration of science and faith. Addas compares Muhammad and Adam to a pearl necklace that embodies the oneness of God and within which lies the secret to one’s liberation. Using Islam as the reference point, the author focuses on the “11Ps,” including progress and piety. Conversely, though there are countless blessings life bestows upon the individual, and in many forms, Dr. Addas adamantly identifies envy as the vice that can bring one down.

Overall, the text flows seamlessly and is undoubtedly a clear-cut guidebook that even laymen can process and apply to daily life. Further, the litany of thought-provoking images, including a telescope, the night sky, and a stirring image of Mecca, adds an extra dimension of understanding and interpretation to the narrative. By combining the metaphysical elements of the world with a deeper understanding of cultural philosophy and the steps to living a good life, Addas creates a meaningful reading experience for all audiences.

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