An Unforeseen Circumstances: The Dog and the People
by Ugochukwu Ikwuakor
Litprime Solutions

"The fear and doubt about their king were too much for the animals to bear."

The king of the land, Tiger, has fallen ill, and the rest of the animals, united in their cause to save their king, work together to orchestrate a plan to save him. The leader of the animals, Elephant, addresses the animals and gives them each an opportunity to speak. Here, the author is illuminating the idea that working together can solve all kinds of problems. While other animals would have wanted to take the journey to the land of the spirits, most notably Pig, the group deems it unwise for him to go because of physical limitations. Instead, the group decides to ask Dog to make the journey. Rather than force Dog to take on the mission, the animals wait until Dog himself agrees, thus giving young readers another simple lesson in cooperation and patience.

Although Dog tries his best to reach the land of the spirits to save Tiger, he is simply too tired and hungry to go on. Back home, the animals assume Dog has been unsuccessful and send Rabbit on the journey instead. Rabbit indeed succeeds in his mission to save the king. Meanwhile, Dog has found a table of food at a family home and helps himself. Instead of getting angry with Dog, the family welcomes him into their home, and the bond between humans and dogs is formed.

This is an enchanting picture book about dogs distinguishing themselves from the other animals in the kingdom and becoming domesticated. With charming illustrations by Shannen Marie Paradero, Ikwuakor has created a warm-hearted picture book for young readers everywhere. The text is placed within the illustrations, helping young and old readers easily navigate the book. The adorable animals and colorful drawings will delight readers everywhere.

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