by D. M. Ross
Anathema Hall

"Follow your passions and discover their meaning."

Although the definition of the title is not given for this pocket-sized book of thirty-two pages, it reveals over fifty single-lined adages that the author presents as important to one's life. The book is divided into four sections with a saying to begin each one. The affirmations typically reflect basic life beliefs about the value of others and the individual or are used to make the reader think deeper about a specific topic. The book presents a variety of sayings as well as other timely notations such as "Consider ability before criticizing accomplishment," "Art is creativity without need," and "Information should not make you comfortable, it should make you think." One of the book's most valuable sayings that is sure to strike a chord in almost any reader comes at the end: "May you have the courage to become who you really are."

The proverbs are designed to make one think about various issues regarding the self and others and take into account the knowledge of one's values. They can be used for deep thinking or pithy comments; the choice is up to the reader. However, there is no conceptual framework regarding these adages and no introduction to help the reader focus on this framework. Still, this is a simple, quick, and easy read for those who need inspiration and who want easy access to such information. It is also a book that can be carried in a pocket or bag for quick insights and for utilizing it to meditate on each saying. This work can help the reader delve into wisdom-related thoughts and wisdom-related beliefs and faith, for in the end, and as the book states, "Love is complete acceptance."

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