"I like to think of my ADHD as an elephant living inside my brain. It is big and imposing, and it gets in the way."

This small book about ADHD focuses mainly on one type of this disorder, inattentive-type ADHD, while also relating the other two types, including the hyperactive type and combined type. The first part of the book is about Andrew and his struggles with his ADHD. It takes the reader through what a day is like for Andrew and those around him. His story reveals what an ADHD brain is like, especially his difficulties with attention and the techniques he uses to help him focus, such as squeezing a ball, utilizing a special folder for school, and setting a timer for work and play.

The second part of the book is about the author’s own story of having an ADHD son, specific information relative to ADHD, and how to help a child cope with this disorder. She also relates the positives of children with ADHD, such as being creative and often being better at music, computers, and art. The book also relates the value of medication and behavioral therapy for treatment.

The author has penned a valuable little book with a lot of information that can be utilized for all children with ADHD, even though it more specifically focuses on the inattentive type in boys. Andrew’s story will be valuable for children and teens as it clearly relates the struggles of coping with daily life as well as the strengths Andrew demonstrates. The story of Andrew’s mother will also aid parents in learning about ADHD and ways to cope with the disorder. Overall, it is a good beginning book that explores the basics of this disorder through its realistic examination of living life within the whirlwind of ADHD.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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