"'Everything is at stake. Don’t spare the rod. If anyone gets in your way, take them out.'"

This opening volume in a trilogy features Mac Sisco, a seasoned intelligence agent on a covert National Security Agency assignment dubbed Apogee. His talents are put to the ultimate test as Mac and his powerfully capable team take on a cunning enemy named Typhon. While Mac’s Team Apogee gains information on the breadth of their assignment, Typhon’s leader, Peter Gunderson, is putting the final touches on his scheme to change the direction of the entire world. His ultimate goal is to rule the world’s economy and sway the people toward a chaotic social revolution. Gunderson also has his own finely honed team of experts. The Typhon plot is in Genplan, near the end stages, when Team Apogee uses the intelligence gathered to begin their destruction of Gunderson’s dream. As Mac’s team moves in on Typhon, Gunderson makes a bold play to save his organization and comes very near to releasing the final chapter—“Chaos.”

Earle has expertly created an undercover espionage thriller guided by a secret organization bent on destroying the socioeconomic systems that stabilize the world. His use of the NSA to mine through organizational and financial data and creation of an undercover team that goes into high action in the field are convincing. The plot is frightening in its ultimate goal and real enough to make any reader sit up and notice the news, and even their community, with a fresh understanding. Earle portrays Typhon and its ruthless actors as unable to concede, even though their numbers have dwindled. Typhon is nowhere near the end of their journey of societal chaos, and fans of the author’s capable hero and team will undoubtedly look forward to the next book in the series after finishing this one.

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