"'Your mother is a brave woman. One day you will realize how much she loves you and her people.'"

In this second book, Katiann's happy, interracial marriage to Mat is interwoven with their increasing awareness of their destinies to lead the spirit world. There is a violent conflict for dominance between the evil dark spirit and the Grand Spirit, Tika, who can overcome evil. Katiann has allies and protectors, but, ultimately, she must harness a great deal of courage and faith to deal with her antagonists and protect Tika. The dark spirit enters Mat's village and tries to overtake it as Mat, whose being has been invaded by the dark one, tries to protect Katiann and his town. Meanwhile, Katiann's friends from the United States are trying to find her to take her home with them. A major factor that both complicates the situation and encourages Katiann is that she is pregnant. Although the dark spirit is exorcised from Mat, it is persistent and frequently tries to hurt Katiann.

Echoing many classic stories of power struggles between good and evil, the story keeps the reader engrossed and wondering how each side will manifest itself in the next chapter. The reader is told via the characters some of the history and ancestry of the main protagonists to understand some of the requirements of those who are parents and protectors of spirits and the spirit world. Kiser does a grand job of weaving plotlines with intricate twists and turns. The reader knows who the "good ones" are supposed to be, but is the dark one speaking to overtake someone seductively to the dark side? And is everyone who claims to be a helper or an ancestor truly one? Is a helper always an ally? The author expertly creates ambiguity and insecurity, making the book's title suit it well.

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