Battling the Quits
by E. Todd Stubblefield
Citi of Books

"There is always one reason that is greater to stay in the fight than the 1001 reasons you may come up with to get out and quit. And that reason is you."

The desire to quit, to give up, to walk away and squander certain possibilities perhaps is part of our nature as human beings. And yet, Stubblefield’s entire book serves as an empowering motivator to not give in, and to never get so down emotionally, physically, and spiritually that quitting gets the best of us. God has created every human being in his image, writes Stubblefield, and as such, we are equipped in the “full armor” of the Holy Spirit to “fight the good fight of faith,” to triumph over any thoughts or feelings of quitting. A pastor and sheriff’s deputy for three decades, Stubblefield urges his readers to soldier forth in times of trouble and uncertainty, rather than quit, making a strong case that this is precisely what God wants of each of us.

“Today,” he writes, “quitting is our common cold, and many people are catching it. It is a disposition of a poisoned spirit.” The author makes the case that not only do we fail ourselves (and loved ones) when we walk away from challenges and instead simply quit, but that by doing so, we, in fact, rob ourselves of the very opportunities to learn and grow which are inherent to making progress over life’s obstacles. We sell ourselves short, the author explains. And to do so entirely misses the point of facing tough times and situations which, with Jesus guiding one’s heart, we can instead mightily rise above. Christian readers, particularly, will find the author’s message inspiring. Even more broadly, any general reader—because all share human experiences which may cause one to consider quitting—will likely find a personal connection to the ideas presented herein. The material is universal and immediately relatable. Stubblefield’s heartfelt take regarding battling the urge to quit is well-conceived and conveyed in a relatable, passionate manner.

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