Beyond Mere Belief
by Greg Van Arsdale
Leavitt Peak Press

"This chapter will show everything in our creation is made of energy—from the lamp light you are reading by to the living soul."

Author Van Arsdale explores the scientific concept of “Dual Energy,” through which perceptions of God and the Christian faith can be more deeply understood. Humankind once believed that the sun revolved around the earth and that the earth was flat, but scientific analysis disproved those perceptions, replacing them with realistic discoveries. Thus, in recent years, dark (dual) energy has been accepted as a universal driving force operating differently from but not replacing atomic energy. Van Arsdale posits a wider-ranging, scientific/spiritual proposition, designating Dual Energy as etheric, with the soul and its connection to God enfolded within it.

The fresh material presented by the author makes religious faith more comprehensible, allowing Christians to absorb biblical scripture as rationally and scientifically supported. A range of examples for better utilizing his theories combines both scientific principles and etheric possibilities. He speaks to his readers in plain language, using a few deftly drawn illustrations to emphasize the way that science can be thoughtfully amalgamated into the religious realm. Much of this dynamic work explores new ways to understand Christian scripture, citing passages that treat with the energy that pervades higher presence, and offering innovative ways to interpret difficult passages in the New Testament.

Van Arsdale brings to this latest creation a career marked by his abiding interest in and professional experience concerning physics, having taught courses in nuclear data for the US Navy, followed by civilian management expertise in computer systems. Now a dedicated author, he demonstrates solid grounding in the subject matter he has so diligently researched and clearly arrayed in this new work. His well-organized conjectures afford persons of faith a more solid basis for their beliefs. Van Arsdale’s avowals warrant study and discussion across numerous disciplines and will be of particular interest to Christians seeking a deeper appreciation of their faith.

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