"We hear much about the Gospel of universal salvation, but this is not what JESUS taught."

A close, thorough examination of the "end times" as described in the Holy Bible presents evidence that many, if not most Christians, are unaware of. Primary among these is the identification of the entity known as Israel. Contrary to conventional teaching, Prock states, Israel is the only group to whom God promised salvation. But that is not the state of Israel as recognized today. Israel was established through the seed of Abraham and includes the tribes of persons who have wandered the earth and propagated widely since Abraham's time. Parsing hundreds of Bible verses, the author discovered that God loved Israel and hated or spurned others. Therefore, exploring the components of Israel as understood in language and context brought Prock to the conclusion, among other significant theses, that the often-accepted vision of Jesus as a universal savior in apocalyptic times to come cannot be supported by thoughtful Christians.

Prock is a highly qualified university instructor whose classes cover Bible prophecy, history, and political science. He states he left the Episcopal Church of his upbringing because of his differing beliefs. In this scholarly approach, the author has mined not only scripture but also historical sources and literal language translations. He asserts that Christians should not be content to accept a distorted version of biblical truth (referred to as "Babylonian") and instead offers further, deeper exploration for discovery. This current work comprises over a thousand pages of explication and corroboration for his dynamic religious understanding, including biblical quotations and the works of many other writers from the earliest days of Christianity to the present era, relying very often on the precise meaning of certain words in their original languages. Prock's exhaustive research has led him to a body of beliefs that readers may wish to ponder.

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