"If you can't learn to swim with the tides of history, you will get swept away by the undercurrents of time."

It seemed inevitable that Reynolds would continue down the road of crime to which he was drawn as a teenager. However, this son of Virginia sharecroppers made the fateful decision to join the Marine Corps and leave the influences of his hometown. After being honorably discharged from the service and with a young family for whom to provide, he began working for the Compton Police Department upon graduating from police academy in 1986. Reynolds worked in one of the most crime-ridden, dangerous cities in America. His career spanned events such as the Rodney King trial and subsequent riots, corruption in all levels of city government, gang violence that pushed the murder rate to astronomical heights, and scandal so pervasive as to cause the dismantling of the Compton Police Department.

Many people have interesting life stories to tell, but few can spin a tale like the author. Highly decorated and well-respected by his fellow officers, Reynolds candidly opens up his professional and personal life in a fascinating read. His easy, conversational style gives readers an intimate look into not only some of the most memorable historical events of the last fifty years but into the private life of the writer as well. Each page shows his love and affection for his chosen field and fellow officers. There are no dull moments in this book, and the author holds the reader's attention from beginning to end. From stories about riots and murders to ones about working with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, the book is filled with entertaining tales. Some are heartbreaking, especially those of Reynold's personal struggles, which are told with courage and honesty. For history buffs, the book also fully explains the political and cultural aspects surrounding the events discussed. This one is not to be missed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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