"The Blessed Strategy framework is open to anyone that is interested in spiritually-based leadership principles, and is considering starting and building a spiritually-based business."

Business entrepreneur and analyst Taylor presents a thorough template for any business owner or prospective owner/operator. His own experience has shown him that many outstanding business people have a spiritual basis for their plans and processes. Such companies as Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and ServiceMaster are relevant examples of how business can be guided in positive values that benefit both workers and customers and, ultimately, the financial bottom line.

The Blessed Strategy, devised by Taylor, stresses biblical principles underpinned by planning, monitoring, controlling, and integrating staff functions and technology. To help his readers start or strengthen their business, he invites them to consider such vital topics as determining what the company is, where it is headed, its ethics, and the resources that sustain it. He gives guidance in predicting future trends, understanding all the company’s jobs and the duties and skills required, and developing policies for short and long-term goals. He encourages business leaders to serve, teach, adapt, and remain resilient.

Taylor is a decorated Navy veteran who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After his years in the military, he developed a career in business consulting. He now teaches at various universities, and his bent for that profession is clear in this well-organized manual. There are useful exercises for readers in each chapter regarding their business and the hopes and plans for it. The book is infused with biblical quotations relevant to the text. In gradual steps, the reader is led to greater comprehension of business strategies and how to approach potential problems, all ideally based on spiritual tenets. Taylor’s intention is stated clearly: to instill in potential business leaders a sense of the highest possible motivation, which, he believes, will prepare them for enduring success.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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