Blood Moon Brother: The Brotherhood of the Blue Moon
by Talia Sallem
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"Their wolves took control of their bodies and pulled them into the power of the moon, and for the first time in centuries, wolves were roaming the highlands once more."

William Owen MacMahon has the power to be a man or a wolf. However, this doesn't save him from falling under the control of MacNain, another powerful shapeshifter. William is forced to do terrible things for MacNain and mate with his granddaughter. Fortunately for William, a rival of MacNain battles MacNain. During their battle, the bond over William is broken, and he jumps at the chance to flee Canada and return to Scotland. Once in Scotland, William learns that his parents did not die in a car crash but were murdered by MacNain. He also discovers that he is the last living guardian tasked with protecting others like him against any threats. Also, he is informed that MacNain's granddaughter is pregnant.

Sallem's novel is clearly seated in the fantasy romance genre. It involves a battle between warring werewolf clans and focuses on the relationship between William and Evelyn, MacNain's granddaughter. Although there is a lot of talk about mating and desire, the romance is not erotic. Sallem's story is well-paced, and engaged readers will thoroughly devour this book. However, the reading experience is hampered at times by odd interpretations of idioms and misused homonyms. Sallem's use of Scottish lore and legends in this work adds an interesting twist to the genre. Readers familiar with the Twilight series will have a good idea of what this book holds, although this one features less teen angst and action scenes than the offerings in that series. Readers who enjoy the genre but would like to read about more mature characters may find Sallem's book to be just the right fit.

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