Bloodline Spectrum
by Huminaten

"Something was very wrong because the scenery was too right."

On Halloween Night in Miami, Florida, an amorous couple’s night is upended by an apparent car accident. The alleged victim soon turns the table on the couple and viciously kills them. This macabre specter quickly becomes commonplace across the United States with mass casualty events and supernatural assailants. In Chicago, Kareem lives with his wife and daughter. Kareem left the chaos of a wayward youth behind. However, the chaos spreading across the country reaches him and his family. Kareem is experiencing apocalyptic visions and surviving near-death experiences. However, he is not an outlier in this regard. Merline lives out in California, and she narrowly avoids a grisly death caused by an indestructible assailant. Her savior informs her that she is one of the chosen few that must come together and beat back these creatures. Her future and Kareem’s are linked in fighting a new war.

The author has crafted a supernatural horror tale that wastes little time in reaching for the jugular in its opening pages. The terror inflicted by the unknown attackers and the catastrophic damage unleashed in their wake leave the reader unsettled. Kareem distinguishes himself as an atypical hero because he has a checkered past, yet he has turned his life around. His existence revolves around his family, and his desire to protect them from the unspeakable is paramount. Merline is a reluctant heroine, as her plight and the explanation of her role in defeating the killers unnerves her. However, she musters up her inner resolve and admirably agrees to fight. Author Huminaten has written an intense epic novel about a battle royale between the forces of good and evil.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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