Book One - The Saga of Bridget and Amanda: The New World
by Carole Love-Forbes
CreateSpace Independent Publishing

"You and I agreed long ago that living among these people does not mean we have to adhere to their religious beliefs. We must be brave enough to be ourselves.’"

In this work of historical fiction that takes place in 1600s Colonial America, Forbes takes her readers on the life journeys of two brave young women who wound up being unexpectedly transported from Europe to the new colonies. Both Bridget and Amanda's stories are filled with trials and hardships, but they do not let their troubles weigh them down. Before meeting on the ship that would forever change their fates, Bridget is kidnapped, and Amanda is jailed unfairly. Once on land, Bridget is forced into a loveless and abusive marriage that takes her years to escape from, and Amanda is indentured to a man who takes advantage of her in every way he can.

Each of the protagonists' stories is explored over many years. As a result, the passage of time is quick and condensed. This can make the jump in timelines feel jarring, but it does not take away from the character growth of each woman. On another note, by intertwining the story's fictional characters with facts in the form of historical characters such as Anne Hutchinson and Margaret Brent, Forbes ensures the story remains rooted in reality, vividly displaying life during that era. Furthermore, seeing how stubborn these two women are in surviving such difficult lives during this time is refreshing, rather than seeing women who easily conform to society's standards. It's also important to note that, as the first book in a series, there's more to discover in the lives of Bridget and Amanda by reading the next book.

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